We buy postcards!

We buy postcards!


Postcard collections vary greatly in content and value. In general, collections (or accumulations) can be separated into two categories: "raw" accumulations, where the recipient kept every postcard that came to them, and "collector collections" where each card was chosen by a collector for whatever theme he or she was collecting. The difference, of course, is in the pre-selection. In a raw accumulation, typically only 5-10% of the collection has any market value -- the rest end up in 25¢ "pick boxes".

Postcard collectors are usually interested in history. Generally, postcards after 1920 have little value. They can be bought at auctions for $25-$50 per stuffed shoebox (500 cards). Views of small town main streets are desireable, "tourist views" of buildings, monuments and mountains are pretty much worthless.

Other areas of interest are cards produced by identifiable (and popular) artists and certain holidays and themes.

If you contact us about postcards, please be prepared to tell us approximately how many cards (less than 500 is unlikely to interest us unless they are something very special), what period of time they are from (check the postmarks), and what countries or themes. It is unlikely that we would have an interest in anything after 1940.

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