We buy good stamps!

Do you have a stamp collection sitting around collecting dust?

The children don't want it!
The grandchildren don't want it!
I inherited it from Uncle John or ...

Now might be a good time to turn that collection into cash!

I am a serious buyer of all better or seriously put together collections.

What is a serious stamp collection? It was a collection formed by a collector who purchased their stamps from dealers, through stamp auctions, and made purchases at stamp shows. It is usually found in several albums or volumes - better stamp albums published by Scott, Minkus, Harris, Schaubeck, Lighthouse, etc. These albums have been carefully stored and typically occupy several book shelves or boxes. Also this same collector will have a room or closet full of other stamp material in boxes or plastic containers. Sometimes an entire room is filled .. "the stamp room."

I will buy the entire room of stamps. No cherry picking only the better items. I buy the entire holding so you are not left with the trash that doesn't sell.

Ready to talk about selling your collection? See our Selling to Us page.