How to contact me ...

Robert (Bob) M. Sazama
3277 Mayberry Ct.
The Villages, FL 32163
Phone: 931-561-7167

I travel monthly to buy!

Are you outside our usual travel radius?

No problem!
We know reputable dealers almost everywhere!
We will be happy to refer you!

If you don't own it, but know where it is,
I will pay finders' fees
for introductions that result in purchases.

Help us to help you!

Don't hesitate to call me to assist you in determining whether or not your stamps have any value if you don't already know. I will talk on the telephone as long as it might be needed to make this determination in helping you.

For stamp collections, be prepared to answer some of these questions:

  • How many albums do you have?
  • What are the names on the albums: Scott, Minkus, Lighthouse, Harris, etc
  • What countries are represented in this collection?
  • Was the collection ever insured?
  • How did the collector get his stamps? Bought from whom? The Post Office? Traded with other collectors? Torn off of envelopes?
  • Where was the collection stored?

For covers and postcards, we need to know:

  • do you know the approximate number of items?
  • approximately how many boxes and size of boxes (or total weight)?
  • when was it accumulated or collected? (for example 1920s-1950s or 1970s-1980s? Check the postmarks!)
  • country of origin, or if it is from all over the world, what areas are represented? (Europe, Africa, Asia etc)
  • if it is a business correspondence, are they mostly long business size envelopes, or smaller personal size envelopes?
  • do the envelopes or cards have stamps on them or postage meter imprints?
  • what is the general condition? (If there is any mold, water damage, humidity damage or rodent damage I need to know. It means that many of the items will be worthless)

Please feel free to call or email about anything you have for sale that you think I might be interested in purchasing. I will try to answer all questions if you are sitting in front of the collection so as to get a better feel for what you have.

Pictures or scans would really be helpful! You can email them, or set up a free photo album at many online sites like